GIVE as you would if the angels

Waited for it at the door; 

Give as you would if tomorrow

Found you where all alms are o'er; 

Give as you would to the Master,

If you met his searching look; 

Give as you would of your substance

If his hand your offering took.


WATER, water that's the drink! 

Oh how foolish men should think 

Rum and whisky, which they sell, 

Good as water from the well. 

Water, water, fresh and free; 

That's the drink for you and me. 

Water, water children, heed! 

Water, water's all you need. 

When you're thirsty, drink it free; 

Water cold for you and me.


OH, smiles have power, a world of good

To fling around us ever; 

Then let us wear their golden beams, 

And quench their ardor never.

For while a smile illumes the eye, 

And wreathes the lip of beauty,

The task of life must ever be 

A pure and pleasant duty.