I MUST  not tease my mother,

For she is very  kind  

And everything she says to me

I must directly mind. 

For when  I  was  an  infant,

And could not speak  or walk, 

She  let me  on  her  bosom sleep,

And taught me  how to talk.

I must  not tease my mother;

And when she  wants to read, 

Or has the headache,  I must step

Most silently indeed. 

I will not choose  a noisy play,

Or trifling troubles tell, 

But sit down  quiet  by  her side,

And try to make her well.

I must not tease my mother;

She  loves me  all the  day, 

And she has patience with my faults,

And teaches me to pray. 

How much I'll try to  please her

She every hour shall see, 

For should she go away, or die,

What would become of me?

Little  Speaker.