BLESSED in his holy Word,

Blessed is the Lord our God,

Glorious in his works and ways,

Joyful sing aloud his praise.

Glory to his heavenly name,

May we ever feel the flame,

Sweet, reviving, precious boon,

Let it not depart too soon.

Holy, holy is the Lord,

Angels swell the glad accord;

Praises to the Father bring,

Praises to our Saviour sing.

He, the rugged cross has borne,

Fainting, bleeding, weak and worn,

As he climbed the steep ascent,

With its weight his form was bent.

But far heavier the load

For which he this pathway trode;

Cruel sins that nailed him there,

This was grief beyond compare.

Will this melt the heart of stone?

Does it put the question home?

Can I all things here forsake?

Can I of his griefs partake?

Let, 0 let such matchless love

To our souls a blessing prove;

Never dare put him to shame,

By our carelessness again.

Gladly let us suffer here,

Patient take the world's cold cheer;

By and by our labors done,

By and by the kingdom won.

Then in that glad laud we'll raise

Songs immortal to his praise;

To the Lamb for us who died,

Praises to the crucified.


Oswego, N. Y.