HE leads us on 

By paths we did not know; 

Upward He leads us, though our steps be slow. 

Though oft we faint and falter by the way, 

Though storms and darkness oft obscure the day, 

Yet, when the clouds are gone, 

We know He leads us on. 

He leads us on 

Through all the unquiet years; 

Past all our dreamland hopes, and doubts, 

and fears, 

He guides our steps; through all the tangled maze 

Of sin, of sorrow, of o'erclouded days, 

We know his will is done; 

And still He leads us on. 

And He at last, 

After the weary strife,— 

After the restless fever we call life, 

After the dreariness, the aching pain, 

The wayward struggles, which have proved in vain, 

After our toils are past, 

Will give us rest at last. 

—Rock of Ages Library