Trust In Providence

ON a bridge I was standing one morning,

And watching the current roll by,

When suddenly into the water

There fell an unfortunate fly.

The fishes that swam to the surface.

Were looking for something to eat,

And I thought that the hapless young insect

Would surely afford them a treat.

"Poor thing!" I exclaimed with compassion,

"Thy trials and dangers abound;

For if thou escapest being eaten,

Thou canst not escape being drowned."

No sooner the sentence was spoken,

Than lo. Like an angel of love,

I saw, to the waters Beneath me,

A leaflet descend from above.

It glided serene on the streamlet,

"Twas an ark to the poor little fly,

Which, soon to the land re-ascending,

Spread its wings to the breezes to dry.

Oh! sweet was the truth that was whispered,

That mortals should never despair;

For He who takes care of an insect,

Much more for his children will care.

And though, to our short-sighted vision,

No way of escape may appear,

Let us trust; for when least we expect it,

The help of "our Father" is near.