NOT a brooklet floweth 

Onward to the sea, 

Not a sunbeam gloweth 

On its bosom free, 

Not a seed unfoldeth 

To the glorious air, 

But our Father holdeth 

It within his care. 

Not a flower fadeth, 

Not a star grows dim, 

Not a cloud o'ershadoweth, 

But 'tis marked by him. 

Dream not that thy gladness 

God doth fail to see; 

Think not in thy sadness 

He forgetteth thee. 

Not a tie is broken, 

Not a hope laid low, 

Not a farewell spoken, 

But our God doth know; 

Every hair is numbered, 

Every tear is weighed 

In the changeless balance 

Wisest love has made. 

Power eternal resteth 

In his changeless hand; 

Love immortal hasteth 

Swift at his command. 

Faith can firmly trust him 

In the darkest hour, 

For the key she holdeth 

To his love and power