THY word is like a garden, Lord,

With flowers bright and fair;

And every one who seeks, may pluck

A lovely nosegay there.

Thy Word is like a deep, deep mine,

And jewels rich and rare

Are hidden in its mighty depths,

For every searcher there.

Thy word is like the starry host;

A thousand rays of light

Are seen to guide the traveler,

And make his pathway bright.

Thy word is like a glorious choir,

And loud its anthems ring;

Though many tongues and parts unite,

It is one song they sing.

Thy word is like an armory,

Where soldiers may repair,

And find, for life's long battle day,

All needful weapons there.

O, may I love thy precious Word,

May I explore the Mine;

May its fragrant flowers glean,

May light upon me shine!

O, may I find my armor there —

Thy Word my trusty sword;

I'll learn to fight with every foe

The battle of the Lord!


Edwin Hodder