MY dog and I are faithful friends;

We read and play together;

We tramp across the hills and fields,

When it is pleasant weather.

And when from school with eager haste

I come along the street,

He hurries on with bounding step,

My glad return to greet.

Then how he frisks along the road,

And jumps up in my face

And if I let him steal a kiss,

I'm sure it's no disgrace.

Oh, had he but the gift of speech

Just for a single day,

How dearly I should love to hear

The funny things he'd say!

And what he knows and thinks and feels

Is written in his eye;

My faithful dog cannot deceive,

And never told a lie.

Come here, good fellow, while I read

What other dogs can do;

And if I live when you are gone,

I'll write your history too.


Sarah Jewett.