Comes With Treasures Ever New 


LITTLE children, don't you hear 

Some one knocking at your door 

Don't you know the glad New Year 

Comes to you and me once more,— 

Comes with treasures ever new

Spread out at our waiting feet? 

High resolves and purpose true 

Round our lives to music sweet.


How shall we receive this guest? 

How improve the gifts he bears 

We must join at his behest 

Earnest deeds with fervent prayers. 

Ours to choose the thorns or flowers. 

If our duty, we but mind 

Spend aright the priceless hours, 

Life and beauty then we'll find.


Let us, then, the portals fling, 

Heaping high the liberal cheer; 

Let us laugh, and shout, and sing,— 

Welcome! Welcome, glad New Year! 

Elizabeth A. Davis.