Take Care

Oh, what shall I say of the lessons?

What would be the words of a mother? 

Today you've done bravely, my children,

But tomorrow there's coining another.

And the nests oh, the pain of the learning,

But you're young, and your hearts have not known,

Although fashioned with love and with beauty, 

They are naught when the birdies have, flown.

And the pictures the fire has painted, 

Of what you most think, love, or care, 

God pity, if when you are older, 

All you've wished or have hoped is still there.

If you ever can tell with your wisdom, 

For all things the "what," and the "why,"

It will take bitter lessons to gain it, 

And you'll have to be older than I.

But as on you go, dreaming and climbing, 

Whether velvet or thorns must be pressed, 

Love your God and the pathway of duty, 

And he will take care of the rest