WHAT do you think is the fairest sight 

That ever mine eyes did see? 

Was it the light that shines from far, 

From evening's beautiful glowing star, 

Like a silver thread o'er the sea? 

What do you think is the sweetest sound 

That ever greeted mine ear? 

Was it the song of a happy bird 

Whose voice in the willow-tree I heard 

In the morning of the year? 

A fairer sight is a youthful face, 

With the light of goodness full; 

And a heart in the bloom and joy of youth, 

Loving the heavenly way of truth, 

And swayed by its golden rule. 

And sweeter than songs of summer birds 

Is the sound of a gentle voice 

Whispering comfort in sorrow's ear, 

Speaking ever brave words of cheer, 

Bidding the, hopeless rejoice. 

This is beauty that never shall fade, 

Music that never shall cease; 

The Saviour bends from his throne of light, 

And smiles to see this beautiful sight, 

While angels join their strains of delight, 

With the song of a heart at peace. 

—S. S. Advocate.