CHRIST of the manger, the garden, the cross! 

We bring our poor hearts as an offering to thee; 

In thy birth we have hope, 

In thy death we have life; 

Oh, touch us and cause us thy beauty to see. 

We will join with the angels on Bethlehem's plains, 

Our hearts sing responsive to heavenly strains; 

Glad tidings of joy in the world we proclaim, 

Salvation to all in the One hallowed name; 

Evermore may thy light be our guide through the gloom,

Until "ashes to ashes" we sleep in the tomb; 

At last, washed in thy blood, and redeemed by thy grace, 

We will dwell, blessed Lord, in the smile of thy face.


AT thy feet, our God and Father, 

Who has blessed us all our days, 

We with grateful hearts would gather,

And begin the year with praise, 

Praise for light so brightly shining

On our steps from Heaven above; 

Praise for mercies daily twining 

Round us golden cords of love.