Remember Me

[THE following lines were handed me on the Michigan

Camp-ground. They were written by a brother who has

been a cripple from his infancy. He was left an orphan

at an early age, and has had life's battles to fight alone

He desires the prayers of the readers as the following

lines indicate. ED.]

I WILL give my heart to Jesus

In faith's most trying hour;

I will put my trust in Jesus

When clouds of darkness lower.

I will give my heart to Jesus

When hope is almost dead;

For I know it was for sinners

His precious blood was shed.

0 then, dear friends of Jesus,

Who have felt the tempter's power,

Help me cling to my Saviour

In this dark and trying hour.

And 0 young friends of Jesus,

With spirits pure and free,

When'er you pray, "Our Father,"

In faith remember me.

Wit. C. COAT.