The Month Of May

A May Song


I LOVE the flowery May,

With its sunshine bright and gay,

Its ringing laughter in the woods,

and shouting in the vale;

I love the hawthorn bloom,

With its delicate perfume,

That whitens all the hedges round,

and sweetens every gale.

I love the merry May,

And I long to be away

In copse and dingle,

where the flowers like stars are shining out,

To hear the sweet birds sing,

And the gurgle of the spring,

That gushes from its ferny bed,

and freshens all about.

Oh, yes, I love the May,

'Tis Nature's holiday,

And children hail its coming

with an ever new delight;

There are blossoms on the bough,

There are mirth and gladness now;

The youngsters have a pleasant time

from morning until night.


G. H. Adams