LAST night, when all the village

Was lying white and still,

With starlight in the valley,

And moonlight on the hill,

I wakened from my dreaming,

And hushed my heart to hear

The old clock in the steeple

Toll out the dying year.


They say that when the angels

The blessed New Year bring,

The souls that wake to listen

Can softly hear them sing

The same melodious anthem

Of peace and love on earth,

That told to Judah's shepherds

The dear Redeemer's birth.


No sound came through the silence,

But waiting there, I thought

Of all the gifts and blessings

The year to me had brought,

And something sang within me,

"0 happy heart, today

Remember all who sorrow,

And wipe their tears away.


"So, in that solemn morning,

When first thy feet shall stand

Where dawn in light unshadowed

The years of God's right hand,

These words of benediction

Thy welcome home shall be,

Thy deeds of love and mercy

Have all been done to Me!"