IF a bird should alight on your head 

In a merry and frolicsome way, 

You would not be to blame for the trouble she made, 

If you did not invite her to stay. 

If a thought from the tempter should come, 

And touch for a moment the mind, 

It might not be wrong, if you gave it no home, 

But drove it away on the wind. 

If a bird should alight on your crown, 

And you should welcome it there, 

You would be to blame if you let her sit down 

And make her a nest in your hair. 

If a troublesome thought come along, 

Returning again and again, 

It will be very wrong if you sing it a song, 

And ask it to lodge in your brain. 

Then drive away every bad thought, 

In your mind never let it have rest; 

Or let it be caught, and plainly be taught 

That it can't have your head for a nest.