"Beautiful thoughts make a beautiful soul, and a beautiful soul makes a beautiful face."


ONCE I knew a little girl,

Very plain;

You might try her hair to curl,

All in vain;

On her cheek no tint of rose

Paled and blushed, or sought repose:

She was plain.


But the thoughts that through her brain

Came and went,

As a recompense for pain,

Angels sent;

So full many a beauteous thing,

In her young soul blossoming,

Gave content.


Every thought was full of grace,

Pure and true;

And in time the homely face

Lovelier grew,

With a heavenly radiance bright,

From the soul's reflected light

Shining through.


So I tell you, little child,

Plain or poor,

If your thoughts are undefiled,

You are sure

Of the loveliness of worth;

And this beauty, not of earth,

Will endure.






Maria Lacey,


In St. Nicholas