THE Christmas bells in many a clime

Their joyous peals are ringing,

And sweet in cot and palace chime

The childrens' voices singing.

While here we see the Christmas tree

Its gay fruit bending o'er us,

We, glad of heart, will bear our part,

And swell the Christmas chorus.

We bless his birth, who came to earth,

And in his cradle lowly

Received the earliest Christmas gifts,—

The Christ-child, pure and holy.

To him we raise our thanks and praise

For all the love he bore us;

For his dear sake our hymn we make,

And swell the Christmas chorus.

And while we strip these laden boughs

Of all their shining treasure,

He from above will look with love

Upon our harmless pleasure.

He gave our friends, our joys he sends,

He ever watches o'er us;

He bends his ear our song to hear,

And loves our Christmas chorus.

Still "Peace on earth, good will to men,"

The heavenly choirs are singing;

And, "Peace on earth, good will to men,"

Through earth to-night is ringing.

We catch the strain with sweet refrain

That angels sung before us,

And join the song with heart and tongue,

The holy Christmas chorus.



Our Little Ones.