ARE you shining for Jesus, darlings? You 

have given your hearts to him; 

But is the light strong within them, or is it but

pale and dim?

Can everybody see it that Jesus is all to you? 

That your love to him is burning with radiance

warm and true? 

Is the seal upon your forehead so that it must

be known 

That you are "all of Jesus" that your hearts

are all his own?

Are you shining for Jesus, darlings, so that the

holy light 

May enter the hearts of others and make them

glad and bright? 

Have you spoken a word for Jesus and told to

some around, 

Who do not care about him, what a Saviour

you have found? 

Have you lifted the lamp for others, that has

guided your own glad feet? 

Have you echoed the loving message that

seemed to you so sweet?

Are you shining for Jesus, darlings, shining

just everywhere, 

Not only in easy places, not only just here and


Shining in happy gatherings where all are loved

and known? 

Shining where all are strangers, shining when

quite alone? 

Shining at home and making true sunshine all


Shining at school, and faithful perhaps among

faithless found?

Are you shining for Jesus, darlings? Or is 

there a little sigh

That the lamp his love has lighted does not 

burn clear and high?

Is the heavenly crown that waits you still with- 

out a star,

Because your light was hidden and sent no rays 


Do you feel you have not loved him with love 

right brave and loyal,

But have faintly fought and followed his ban- 

ner bright and royal?

Then rise and "watching daily" ask him your 

lamps to trim

With the fresh oil he giveth, that they may not 

burn dim.

Yes, rise and shine for Jesus; be brave and 

bright and true,

To the true and loving Saviour, who gave him- 

self for you.

Oh, shine for Jesus, darlings! And henceforth be 

your way

Bright with the light that shineth unto the per- 

fect day! 

Frances Ridley Havergal.