Waiting To Grow

Little white snowdrop, just waking up, 

Violet, daisy, and sweet buttercup  

Think of the flowers that are under the snow, 

Waiting to grow!

And think what hosts of queer little seeds 

Of flowers and mosses, of ferns and of weeds 

Are under the leaves and under the snow, 

Waiting to grow!

Think of the roots getting ready to sprout, 

Reaching their slender, brown fingers about 

Under the ice and the leaves and the snow, 

Waiting to grow!

Only a month or a few weeks more 

Will they have to wait behind that door; 

Listen and watch and wait below

Waiting to grow!

Nothing so small, and hidden so well, 

That God will not find it, and presently tell 

His sun where to shine and his rain where to go, 

Helping them grow!