Ada woke one summer night

(Asleep for hours she'd been),

And saw outside her window some

Moon-flowers peeping in;

And from the sky the big, round moon

Itself looked down on her,

And in the whole wide world there seemed

To be no sound nor stir.

So silent were all things, her heart

Beat with a nameless fear,

When suddenly a little bird

Near by sang, loud and clear,

A pretty, trilling song, that rang

Out gaily on the night,

As though the singer's heart was full

Of innocent delight.

And as he sang, "Dear: birdie, thanks,"

The child said, joyfully.

"You tell me that if you are not

Afraid, I should not be,

For the angels who take care of you,

Watch over me will keep.

Good night, dear bird." And very soon

Once more she was asleep.



Harper's Young People.