ONLY a mortal's powers, 

Weak at their fullest strength; 

Only a few swift, flashing hours, 

Short at their fullest length. 

Only one heart to give, 

Only one voice to use, 

Only one little life to live, 

And only one to lose. 

Poor is my best, and small; 

How could I dare divide? 

Surely my Lord shall have it all, 

He shall not be denied. 

All, for far more I owe 

Than all I have to bring; 

All, for my Saviour loves me so; 

All, for I love my King. 

All, for it is his own; 

He gave me the tiny store; 

All, for it must be his alone; 

All, for I have no more. 

All, for the last and least 

He stoopeth to uplift; 

The altar of my great High Priest 

Shall sanctify my gift. 

—Francis Ridley Havergal