The Last Day

THINK, 0 my soul! that dreadful day!

When bursting thunder's sound;

And lightnings gleaming through the skies,

Light up the gloom profound.

When from on high, Jehovah speaks,

And sinners stand and gaze,

To view the earth's foundations shake,

With terror and amaze.

None can that awful scene describe,

Nor yet my feeble pen,

Can paint the horrors of that day

The dire confusion then.

Earthquakes and fire and hail and storm,

Proclaim the end is come,

So long foretold by ancient seers,

To seal the sinner's doom.

What would he give in that dread day,

To shun his direful fate?

His cries and tears will not be heard,

For then t'will be too late.

0 hasten now, while mercy pleads,

For lo! the time draws near,

When seated on the great white throne,

The Saviour will appear.