BUTTERCUPS and daisies, 

  Oh! The pretty flowers! 

Coming ere the spring-time,

To tell of sunny hours. 

While the trees are leafless, 

While the fields are bare, 

Buttercups and daisies 

Spring up everywhere.

Little hardy flowers,

Like to children poor, 

Playing in their sturdy health,

By their mother's door; 

Purple with the north wind,

Yet alert and bold, 

Fearing not, and caring not,

Though they be a-cold.

What to them is weather?

What are stormy showers? 

Buttercups and daisies,

Are these human flowers! 

He who gave them hardship,

And a life of care, 

Gave them likewise hardy strength,

And patient hearts to bear!

Welcome, yellow buttercups!

Welcome, daisies white! 

Ye are in my spirit

Visioned a delight! 

Coming ere the spring-time,

Of sunny hours to tell, 

Speaking to our hearts of Him

Who doth all things well.