NOW, birdies, my darlings, I think it is best,"

Said old mother bird, "that you all quit the nest;

You've grown very plump, and the nest is so small

That really there isn't quite room for you all.

"The day is so fair, and the sun is so bright,

I think I can teach you to fly before night;

And when you have learned, you can go where you please,

As high as the gable,—yes! High as the trees.

"Come, Dickey, hop out, and stand up here by me;

The rest of you stand on that branch of the tree;

Don't be frightened, my dears; there's no danger at all,

For mother will not let her dear birdies fall.

"Now all spread your wings. Ah! But that is too high;

Just see how do it. Now, all again try!

Ah! That is much better. Now try it once more.

Bravo! Much better than ever before!

"Now flutter about, up and down, here and there;

My dears, you'll be flying before you're aware.

Now carefully drop from the tree to the ground;

There's nothing to fear, for there's grass all around.

"All starting but Robbie. Afraid you shall fall?

Ah! Don't be a craven, be bravest of all.

Now up and now down, now away to yon spire;

Go on; don't be frightened; fly higher and higher."

"I've waited one hour, right here on the tree;

Not one of my robins has come back to me.

How soon they forget all the trouble they bring!

Never mind; I'll fly up on the tree-top and sing."





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