Winter’s coming! Winter's coming!

Don't you hear him drawing nigh? 

Hark! The northwest winds, his chariot,

Hear them sweeping through the sky, 

Whistling gaily, calling loudly, 

"Winter's coming, coming near; 

Snowflake crown and icy scepter

I have formed that he may wear."

Long ago, the flowers, listening,

Heard the rumbling of his car; 

Tenderly they dropped their-petals

On the brown earth, cold and bare, 

Whispering softly, "Winter's coming,

We will hide us out of sight; 

Ha! He thinks to overtake us,

He will find us gone tonight."

Long ago, gay Robin Redbreast,

Swallow, Thrush, and all their train, 

Plumed their wings and sang their sweetest,

Sang, "Good-by, we'll come again." 

In the woods where nuts were dropping,

Squirrels hoarded up their store, 

Dainty ferns flung out their banners,

Waved good-by, and were no more.

And now the winter's coming, coming,

Snowflakes whirling through the sky; 

Stir the fire and draw the curtain, .

We'll not heed his passing by. 

Many a pleasant thought he brings us,

Warmth, and glow, and Christmas cheer; 

We'll not spurn him from our pleasures,

But welcome in his glad New Year.