Trust In God

YES, the little birds find shelter,

And hum their evening prayer,

And close their weary eyelids,

Without a thought of care.

They droop their glossy heads

Mid the feathers on their breast,

And leaving God to watch them,

Thus sweetly fall to rest.

Dear cherished little sleepers,

Their merry song is still

No care for morrow's lodging

Their gentle bosoms fill.

Guardian angels round them,

Watch with a silver rod,

For they've left their every sorrow

All in the care of God.

And if birds so trust our Father,

Who giveth them a home,

Why should our hearts murmur

When evil shadows come?

If God will feed the raven,

And think for all the birds,

Will he not love his children,

And listen to their words?

Ay! Let us trust his goodness,

His promise and his love,

And, like the birds, be happy

With his blessing from above.

Have not a thought of trouble,

While future paths are trod,

But keep our hearts from evil,

And leave our care with God.

—E. B. S.