OH the days when we were boys!

Life had sunshine, health, and joys; 

Rosy, hearty, fresh and  fair, 

Full of life, we children were.

Shoeless, hatless, coatless too, 

Through rent garments breezes blew; 

Active, agile, playful, wild, 

Who is happier than a child?

Quick to laugh, and jump, and run, 

Fond of sunshine, full of fun,

Shouting, swinging on the gate,

Bound for school "You'll be too late!”

Ah, those days have passed away, 

Brows are wrinkled, hair grown gray; 

Yet I love their cheer and noise, 

And my heart says, "Bless the boys! "

Bless the laughing, shouting boys, 

With their pleasures, plays, and joys; 

May they think on God in youth, 

And grow up in grace and truth.

H. L. H., 

in Little Christian.