I SAT in the door at eventide; 

My heart was full of fears, 

And I saw the landscape before me lie 

Through mists of burning tears. 

I thought to myself, the world is dark, 

No light nor joy I see; 

Nothing but toil and want is mine, 

And no one cares for me. 

A sparrow was twittering at my feet, 

With its beautiful auburn head, 

And looked at me with dark, mild eyes 

As it picked up crumbs of bread; 

And said to me, in words as plain 

As the words of a bird could be, 

I'm only a sparrow, a worthless bird, 

But the dear Lord cares for me. 

A lily was growing beside the hedge, 

Beautiful, tall, and white, 

And it shone through the glossy leaves of green, 

Like an angel clothed in light; 

And it said to me, as it waved its head, 

On the breezes soft and free, 

I'm only a lily, a useless flower, 

But the Master cares for me. 

Then it seemed that the hand of the loving Lord 

Over my head was laid, 

And he said to me, O faithless child, 

Wherefore art thou dismayed? 

I clothe the lilies, I feed the birds, 

I see the sparrows fall; 

Nothing escapes my watchful eye, 

My kindness is over all. 

A. C. Edwards.