I Am Coming 


I AM coming,  I am coming,

Said the gentle voice of spring;

I am coming with the flowers, 

And the pretty birds that sing.

I am  coming with the crocus,

And the daffodillies too, 

With the violets and the pansies,

And the bluebells filled with dew.

With the honeysuckle climbing 

O'er the porch and window-sill,

With the daisy and the snowdrop, 

And the tulip sweeter still.

They have all been sweetly sleeping 

'Neath the crystal robe of snow;

God their little lives was keeping, 

Now they come to bloom and grow.

God thus careth for the flowers, 

He for us must care much more;

When the gentle Jesus calleth, 

We will rise to die no more.