IT was only a smile of welcome

Or a whispered word of cheer,

But it smoothed the path for the tired feet,

And lightened the load of care.

It was only a loving visit,

Perhaps but a loaf of bread;

But "Ye visited me," will the Master say;

"'T was your Lord whom ye clothed and fed."

It was only a tender message

To a heart bowed down with woe;

But from that one seed by the wayside dropped

Shall a harvest of blessings grow.

It was only a few words spoken,

We thought they were weak and poor;

But they told of Christ, and his wondrous love,

As the guilt of the world he bore.

And the Lord, from his height of glory,

Hath listened our words to hear;

For us is a book of remembrance kept,

And our names are engraven there.

It may not be ours to render

The service our hearts would crave;

He may give us no words that shall win a soul

Or a life from destruction save.

But often along the wayside,

As we journey life's rugged road,

We shall find some hearts that have need of help,

Who are fainting beneath their load.

And though small is the help we can offer,

If it only be offered in love,

It will carry a blessing to earth's sad ones,

And be known and remembered above.

And the dear Lord, when he cometh,

Will bring us a great reward:

"Thou hast faithfully done the few things I gave;

Enter into the joy of thy Lord."



Friends' Review.