Wintry Winds

The Wintry winds are up and away

Ploughing a path o’er the stormy sea

They clothe the rocks in stormy spray

They make the staggering ships their prey

Wth the howl of a fury they seem to say

Who so mighty as we?

The wintry winds are having their will

Out on the desolate country side

Along the valley, across the hill

And through the wood, when the night is chill

Come a rush and a roar and a warning shrill

Room for the storm to ride

The wintry wind is wandering by

Here in the heart of the city ways

The rich may gaily its power defy

The poor, slack, at its mercy lie

And the wind, while it echoes their patient sigh

Laughs at the prank it plays

The wintry winds may whistle and shriek

Holding their mission from One above

Let spring but waken and softy speak

Right soon will tempest and gale grow weak

Like tumult of anger, a frenzied freak

Conquered at last by love.