TUNE "-Annie Laurle." 

My soul is now united

To Christ, the living Vine. 

His favor long I slighted,

But now I feel him mine. 


He is all the world to me, 

And his glory I shall see, 

And for Jesus Christ my Saviour, 

I'd lay me down and die.

I feel no condemnation,

My sins he washed away; 

And blessed with his salvation,

I'm glad from day to day. 

CHORUS. He is all, 


With Jesus as my treasure, 

What can I want beside?

His smile is all my pleasure.

In him, I'm satisfied. 

CHORUS. He is all, 


His hand my cares shall lighten,

Till I can care no more; 

His joy my pathway brighten,

Till all my grief is o'er. 

CHORUS. He is all, 


And oh ! to live forever,

In the paradise of God! 

My friendship cease? no, never  

In the midst of that abode. 

CHORUS. He is all,