The Summer Is Gone

The mantle of summer is faded again,

And the brown shades of autumn spread over the plain

Her strength and her beauty, her honors are flown,

And summer retreats to her palace alone.

Yet, turning in kindness, her generous heart

Gives a smile and a blessing to us ere we part;

Farewell, then, thou warm-hearted maid of the sun,

We thank thee for all that thy kindness has done.

For us thou hast mused the young birds of the spring

And given to autumn her riches to bring;

But mostly we thank Thee, thou Ruler of Heaven,

For spring, summer, autumn, by thee are all given.

But we are unworthy, presuming, and vain,

Nor adore as we should do for all that we gain;

Thy love for thy children is boundless as space,

Then grant us we pray thee thy Spirit of grace.

Let its beams pierce the depth of this mantle of night

That enrapts our cold hearts and obscures its pure light 

Let chaos no longer preside in the mind,

Nor dark superstition nor ignorance bind.

Let not prejudice govern with obstinate sway,

Excluding the brightness and pureness of day;

But oh! let us rather look humbly to thee,

Thy Spirit will teach us, thy grace set us free.