Harry boy, what will you have, 

This happy New Year's day? 

We'll lay aside our books and work, 

No studies, but all play!" 

"I want a party, papa, dear,

And I will tell you why, 

I've had so much to make me glad, 

Through all the days gone by!

I know a little boy that's lame,

And don't have any fun! 

And one that's blind and cannot see

This glorious New Year's sun! 

Now can't they just come here today,

Where all is warm and bright, 

And let me make them happy, too,

And fill them with delight? "

"Why, yes, my dear, I'm sure they may,

A party it shall be! 

Invite a few with limbs and eyes, 

If such you chance to see!

Let some of God's poor little ones

Enjoy with you, my dear, 

The comforts of your pleasant home,

This happy, glad New Year!"

Ah! Joy indeed is there today,

And hungry hearts are filled, 

The little hearts that oh, so oft

With cold and want are chilled! 

Such dainties sweet they never saw!

Such games, such merry play! 

Ah! Did there ever dawn before

So glad a New Year's day?

Thus Harry's year is well begun,

In kind and loving deeds; 

And he will sometime reap the fruit,

Where now he sows the seeds. 

The opening year before us lies,

Its snowy page so fair! 

Oh, may some kindly deed of love

Be first engraven there!

Mrs. B. N. Turner.