SWEETEST daughter of the year, 

 Sunny, flower-wreathed June is here. 

In her foot-prints, wet with dew, 

Violets spring, with eyes of blue. 

Tangled song of wren and thrush 

Greet us from the lilac bush. 

Like scattered pearl the clover-bloom 

Encrowns the brow of smiling June; 

Roses in her hand she brings; 

In the hedge the robin sings. 

The dandelion's curls of gold 

Are mingled, in a mazy fold, 

With the strawberry's crimson sheen, 

And waving grasses cool and green. 

O'er tiny lake, 'neath cypress tall, 

Sunlight and shadows shifting fall; 

Embosomed on the waters deep, 

The white-souled lily falls asleep. 

From mossy glade and bosky dell 

Steals music like a fairy bell, 

In joyous notes the feathered throng 

Are thanking God for gift of song.