YOU'RE on the sea of life, boys,

Your ship is staunch and strong; 

You're sailing smoothly now, boys,

But storms will come erelong. 

But boldly furl your sail, boys,

And let the tempest "rip," 

Stand bravely by the helm, boys,

And "Don't give up the ship!"

Though clouds o'er-cast the sky, boys,

The sun is bright behind; 

And though the waves roll high, boys,

They'll soon calm down, you'll find. 

So always keep up heart, boys,

With cheerful eye and lip; 

And let your watchword e'er, boys,

Be "Don't give up the ship!"

Beyond the raging sea, boys,

You'll find at last a rest, 

If only on your trip, boys,

You do your "level best." 

There waits for such, a crown, boys,

So take a manly grip; 

There waits for all eternal life

Who "Don't give up the ship."

HESTER HUNT, In Interior.