BE in time for every call; 

If you can, be first of all:

Be in time.

If your teachers only find 

You are never once behind, 

But are, like the dial, true, 

They will always trust to you: 

Be in time.

Never linger ere you start; 

Set out with a willing heart:

Be in time.

In the morning, up and on, 

First to work, and soonest done; 

This is how the goal's attained; 

This is how the prize is gained:

Be in time.

Those who aim at something great, 

Never yet were found too late:

Be in time.

Life with all is but a school; 

We must work by plan and rule, 

With some noble end in view, 

Ever steady, earnest, true:

Be in time.

Listen, then, to wisdom's call, 

Knowledge now is free to all:

Be in time.

Youth must daily toil and strive. 

Treasure for the future hive; 

For the work they have to do, 

Keep this motto still in view, 

Be in time.