HE'S curious, I do declare,"

Says puppy No. 1; 

"I wonder if he comes to fight, 

Or if he comes for fun."

"I don't see either fight or fun

In him," says No. 2; 

"But if he once were sorely tried,

No knowing what he'd do."

"Oh! Oh!" says timid No. 3, 

"I'd like to see my mother; 

This visitor takes too much room, 

I'll get behind my brother."




To-DAY we may stand in the sunshine bright, 

The dark clouds of sorrow be vailed from our


We can mingle our songs with the birds in the grove, 

While nature seems breathing of gladness and love; 

Our hearts are uplifted in reverent praise 

To Him, our Creator, who knoweth our ways.

To-morrow, dark clouds the sky may o'erspread, 

The God-given light from our spirits be fled; 

Our songs be all hushed, the wild birds all flown, 

And nature frown on us, bereft and alone; 

In anguish our hearts feel the chastening rod, 

Yet we'll bow to the will of our Father and God.

E. W. C.