Down in the ground, so busy, 

Little roots at work; 

All of them in a hurry,

Toiling in the dark. 

List to their low, deep murmur;

While they work, they sing, 

"Gone are the frosts of winter, 

Sunshine now of spring.

"Down in the ground, so busy,

Sucking juices up; 

By-and-by in a hurry,

Flowers will push up, 

Snowdrop, crocus, and lily,

Where the sunshine lies; 

Tulips flashing so gayly,

Brightening to the eyes.

"Hidden away in darkness,

Working out of sight; 

Yet task have we of gladness,

Bringing flowers to light; 

Down in the ground so busy,

Little things are we; 

But work of ours is mighty,

Over plant and tree.

"Lightly, please, tread over us,

Do not spurn, despise; 

Lovingly, please, think of us,

Covered from your eyes. 

Soon, we lift to your wonder

Forms of beauty rare; 

Soon, from our hands, surrender

Fragrance to the air."

Ah, little roots, ye teach me

A lesson of the light: 

Never to fret, be weary,

Working out of sight. 

Patience and courage, ever

Singing at my task; 

For this, O Heavenly Father,

Humbly now I ask.

—Child's World.