BEAUTIFUL feet my maiden had— 

My maiden bright and fair; 

They led her where the weak and sad, 

With nothing to make them strong and glad, 

Sat in their still despair 

Beautiful music was in her voice 

As she whispered words of love; 

She bade them look up—look up and rejoice, 

For the poor in spirit were Jesus' choice 

In his home prepared above. 

Beautiful were my maiden's hands, 

For busy as busiest bee 

Were they kept obeying the Lord's commands, 

And their deeds of love were like the sands 

Beside the restless sea. 

They carried food to the suffering poor, 

The cup of cold water gave; 

Like an angel of love, from door to door 

My maiden served from her varied store, 

The perishing ones to save; 

For a beautiful spirit was hers within; 

She had made the Lord her choice; 

And the heart, made new and free from sin, 

Washed by Jesus from every stain, 

Moved hands and feet and voice. 

—Helen E. Brown.