City Of God

CITY in Heaven to the pure it is given;

And they shall e'er walk in the light, 

For God hath declared, for his own 'tis prepared

That city where there is no night.

Its streets of pure gold our eyes shall behold, 

Prepared for the pure and the blest.

We long to be there all its blessings to share, 

And so dwell forever in rest.

One river alone flows out from the throne,

"Tis there called the river of life, 

Its waters sweet flow through the street

Of that city where there is no strife.

A beautiful tree our eyes shall see, 

With its rich fruit of various kinds;

This goodly tree grows where the pure water flow 

Yielding its rich fruit in time.

To this city fair, God will welcome us there,

To dwell forever with him, 

And the angels who wait at each pearly gate

Will welcome us, welcome us in.