The Best Friend

JESUS is a loving friend,

One who ever will attend

Those that seek him in their youth,

And obey his word of truth.

If you will his love secure, 

And your future life insure, 

Give your undivided heart, 

He will not accept a part.

Leave the world and sin behind, 

Serve him with a perfect mind; 

Raise your thoughts to him above, 

Love him in return for love.

'Twas for you that Jesus bled, 

All our sins on him were laid; 

Can you slight his dying pain? 

Must it be for you in vain?

Oh! Do not,  in sinful pride, 

Pierce afresh his wounded side; 

But accept the wondrous grace, 

Freely offered to our race.

Come and bow with contrite heart, 

Ask the pardon he'll impart, 

And when he shall come again, 

You shall live and with him reign.