REMEMBER, love, who gave thee this, 

When other days shall come; 

When she who had thy earliest kiss

Sleeps in her narrow home; 

Remember, 't was a mother gave 

The gift to one she'd die to save.

That mother sought a pledge of love,

The holiest for her son; 

And from the gifts of God above,

She chose a goodly one; 

She chose for her beloved boy 

The source of life and light and joy;

And bade him keep the gift, that when 

The parting hour should come,

They might have hope to meet again 

In an eternal home.

She said his faith in that would be 

Sweet incense to her memory.

And should the scoffer in his pride 

Laugh that fond faith to scorn,

And bid him cast the pledge aside 

That he from youth had borne,

She bade him pause, and ask his breast

If he or she had loved him best.

A parent's blessing on her son

Goes with this holy thing; 

The love that would retain the one

Must to the other cling. 

Remember, 'tis no idle toy, 

A MOTHER'S GIFT; remember, boy.