EVERY one is sowing, 

both by word and deed; 

All mankind are growing, 

either wheat or weed; 

Thoughtless ones are throwing 

any sort of seed.

Serious ones are seeking 

seed already sown 

Many eyes are weeping, 

now the crop is grown; 

Think upon the reaping, 

each one reaps his own.

Surely as the sowing 

shall the harvest be, 

See what you are throwing 

over hill or lea, 

Words and deeds are growing 

for eternity.

There is One all-knowing, 

looking on alway, 

Fruit to him is flowing,

 feeling for the day

Will your heart be glowing, 

in the grand array?

Ye that would be bringing 

sheaves of golden grain, 

Mind what you are flinging, 

both from hand and brain, 

Then 'mid glad songs singing, 

you shall glean great gain. —

The Advance.