"The Little Ones."

Matthew 19:13, 15.

AND is it true, what I am told,

That there are lambs within the fold

Of God's beloved Son?

That Jesus Christ with tender care,

Will in his arms most gently bear

The helpless "little one?"

Oh yes! I've heard my mother say,

He never sent a child away

That scarce could walk or run;

For when the parent love besought,

That he would touch the child she brought,

He blessed the "little one."

And I, a little straying lamb,

May come to Jesus as I am,

Though goodness I have none;

May now be folded to his breast,

As birds within the parent's nest,

And be his "little one."

And he can do all this for me,

Because in sorrow on the tree

He once for sinners hung;

And having washed their sins away,

He now rejoices day by day,

To cleanse the "little one."

Others there are who love me too,

But who with all their love can do

What Jesus Christ hath done?

Then if he teaches me to pray,

I'll surely go to him and say,

Lord, bless thy "little one."

Thus by this gracious Shepherd fed,

And by his mercy gently led

Where living waters run,

My greatest pleasure will be this,

That I'm a little lamb of his,

Who loves the "little one."