Come Unto Me

BENEATH the shady branches

Of a large old maple tree,

Sat a young child, and mused upon

The words, "Come unto Me."

With tones so sweet and childish,

With face so full of love,

And heart so full of pious thought,

She raised her eyes above,

And prayed "Dear blessed Saviour,

Thy holy love instill,

To bend my stubborn heart to thee,

And make me do thy will;

"That I, in gentle whispers,

Thy gracious voice may hear,

And feel thy sweet, protecting love,

That casteth out all fear.

"For in this world of ours

That looks so bright and gay,

Are very many tempting things

To lead my heart astray.

"And it may be that trials

Across my path may be,

Dear Saviour, then with what delight

I'll read, 'Come unto me.'

"Oh! to thy breast the weary

May ever safely flee!

So let me ever gladly read

Thy words, 'Come unto me.'"