CHEEP! Cheep!" said some little snowbirds 

As the snow came whirling down; 

"We haven't a nest, 

Or a place to rest, 

Save this oak tree bending down." 

"Cheep! Cheep!" said the little Wee Wing, 

The smallest bird of all; 

"I have never a care 

In this winter air— 

God cares for great and small." 

"Peet! peet!" said her father Gray-breast; 

"You're a thoughtless bird, my dear; 

We all must eat, 

And warm our feet 

When snow and ice are here." 

"Cheep! Cheep! " said little Wee Wing; 

"You are wise and good, I know; 

But think of the fun 

For each little one 

When we have ice and snow! 

"Now I can see, from my perch on the tree, 

The merriest, merriest sight— 

Boys skating along 

On the ice so strong; 

Cheep! Cheep! How merry and bright! " 

"And I see," said Brownie Snowbird, 

"A sight that is prettier far: 

Fide dear little girls 

With clustering curls, 

And eyes as bright as a star." 

'And I," said his brother, Bright-eyes, 

"See a man of ice and snow; 

He wears a queer hat, 

His large nose is flat; 

The boys made him, I know." 

"I see some sleds," said Mother Brown, 

"All filled with girls and boys; 

They laugh and sing, 

Their voices ring, 

And I like the cheerful noise." 

Then the snowbirds all said, "Cheep!" and "Chee!" 

"Hurrah for ice and snow! — 

For the girls and boys 

Who drop us crumbs 

As away to their sport they go! 

"Hurrah for the winter clear and cold! 

When the dainty snowflakes fall, 

We will sit and sing 

On our oaken swing, 

For the dear God cares for all." 

Our Little Ones.