A TRUTHFUL soul, a loving mind, 

Full of affection for its kind; 

A helper of the human race, 

A soul of beauty and of grace; 

A spirit firm, erect, and free, 

That never basely bends the knee, 

That will not bear a feather's weight 

Of slavery's chain, for small or great; 

That firmly speaks of God within, 

And never makes a league with sin; 

That snaps the fetters despots make, 

And loves the truth for its own sake; 

That trembles at no tyrant's nod 

A soul that fears no one but God, 

And thus can smile at curse and ban; 

This is the soul that makes the man.

TRUTH is immortal; 

the sword cannot pierce it,

fire cannot consume it,

prisons cannot incarcerate it,

famine cannot starve it.