SLIDE, slide; the ice is strong, 

Merrily, merrily slide along, 

All with our cheeks as fresh as roses, 

And our fingers as blue as our noses; 

As for our feet we hardly feel them, 

And our chilblains, the snow must heal them. 

Merrily, merrily, slide along; 

The sun shines bright, but the ice is strong.

Ice so smooth, and solid, and black, 

With never a weed, or hole, or crack!

There go the skaters, tall young men, 

Cutting our slides up, now and then; 

Don't I like to see one of them fall, 

Just for a little harmless sprawl! 

Then up again, and away they go, 

When I'm a big fellow, I'll do just so, 

Never minding the jeers or the pain, 

Tumble up, and be at it again! 

All ready, lads; the slides are long, 

The coast's all clear, and the ice is strong.

Slide away, for there's snow in the air,

And the wind keeps shaking the willows bare;

When the wind drops, down comes the snow,

Then, what of our sliding, I'd like to know;

Who cares! With a broom, and a will, and a way

We'll keep the ice clear at least, today.

Merrily, merrily, slide along,

The north wind 's sharp, but the ice is strong